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(Not very recent) picture of HughI’m Hugh Miller, a veteran psych (& some design) lecturer at a University in the UK (now ex-lecturer, as of September 2013). This blog was largely written in the hope that it will be of interest and use to my students, especially those doing the Schools of Thought module, which is why you’ll find references here and there to ‘my lecture on…’ – but all other visitors were always welcome, and now I’m just doing it for fun.

From a research point of view, I’m interested in how we use designed objects in our social and personal lives, in identity online, in well-being and design (currently in care homes for the elderly), in what psychology has to do with important things that happen in the world, and how psychological issues are reported in the media (which includes wanting to debunk some established myths in psychology).

I’m trying to establish myself as a credible photographer:
Here’s part of the show I put on last spring:

Hugh's show at NSA

Learning to sing in the university choir:,
trying to get my 1953 Bristol back on the road:  (photo for illustrative purposes only: mine is 100 times rougher than this),
and listening to lots of West African music:,,



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